Rates for the New Year

It’s been a year since the last rate increase, and in order to keep up with inflation and rising costs, the rates will be going up on January 1st, 2023. The new rates are: 30 minutes: $70 45 mintues: $89 60 minutes: $110 90 minutes: $154 Cancellation Fee: When less than 24 hours’ notice is…

Change of Rates

It’s been almost 2 years since the last rate increase, and costs have skyrocketed since then. I’m sure you’ve all noticed that things are getting more expensive and it’s no different at the clinic. Because of this, I’ve made the difficult choice to increase the rates as follows: 30 minutes: $64 45 mintues: $81 60…

Massage Remedy is open!

We are very pleased that the lockdown is over. Thank you to everyone who is doing their part to keep everyone safe and healthy. Massage Remedy continues to provide care for their clients, but we ask that you consider the risks of potential exposure against the risks of not receiving care. Although we take every…

Gift Certificates

We regret that we are not able to sell gift certificates at this time. Because the clinic is temporarily closed, it seems prudent to wait until we are able to treat again before accepting payments. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

A Note on COVID-19

Sadly, because of COVID-19, Massage Remedy is closed until further notice. Online booking will not be available until we are given a directive by the province and our governing college that it is safe to resume practice. We look forward to providing massage therapy for you in the future.