Benefits of Massage Therapy

echinacea-10935People often ask me what types of conditions I treat. There are dozens I could list, but it might be more helpful to share my observations about why people choose massage therapy.

The bottom line is that many people experience pain, discomfort, or dysfunction and they want to feel healthy and well again. Massage therapy can ease muscle pain, increase range of motion, improve joint health, and restore function, all without surgical or invasive procedures.

Also, patients are often not satisfied with taking medication and are hoping to find a natural and long-lasting solution that addresses the problem instead of masking the symptoms.

Another common reason is that it helps people to maintain health and wellness and prevent injuries.
For instance, if you have pain caused by poor body mechanics or bad posture, your massage therapist can help identify the specific postures that are causing the strains which are producing pain. By teaching you body awareness, coaching you in your posture, improving the health of the irritated muscles and aligning the joints, your discomfort can be alleviated and you can stop taking pain medication for your headaches and backaches. Through continued regular maintenance your muscles will be in better health and you will become more body aware which will reduce your chances of injury.